Auto CPAP titration: Current wait time is 1 week

If you are on CPAP therapy, chances are that your pressure hasnʼt been re-assessed in quite some time.

If you have had a significant change in body weight, snore while on therapy, or are just not obtaining the benefit that you once felt, and have symptoms again, itʼs imperative to have your pressure reassessed for the benefit of
your overall health.

If you have attempted to get a re-evaluation through your initial Respirologist and found the wait time to be excessive, we are able to help re-assess appropriate pressure requirements.

We rent AUTO CPAP devices for 7 nights that automatically titrates appropriate pressures, and gives detailed information that accurately provides a pressure that corrects 95% of obstructive events. The device that we use is the ResMed S-9 AutoSet. It is CSA approved to differentiate between Obstructive Apneas and Central Sleep Apnea, and will not titrate pressure during central events.

Please note if your Respirologist has asked that a patientʼs pressure not be changed by their family Physician, unless re-assessed in the lab, or if an Auto CPAP titration has been done, we need to have these results sent in order to make the appropriate pressure changes.


At Prairie Oxygen, we continuously strive to implement best practices and National Guideline adherence to ensure the highest standard of care in Saskatchewan.

Please call if you have any questions.

Please have your doctor complete the SLEEP ASSESSMENT REQUEST FORM and fax it to the nearest office.