New Changes to SAIL CPAP Program

Below are some of the new changes to the SAIL CPAP program effective February 1st, 2018


1. Only moderate to severe Sleep Apnea to be funded through SAIL (Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living)

Mild sleep apnea: 5-15 events per hour
Moderate sleep apnea: 15-30 events per hour
Severe sleep apnea: greater than 30 events per hour

If you are diagnosed with mild sleep apnea you will still need therapy for your health condition. Prairie Oxygen will help find you the best options to suit your budget and health care needs. (CPAP machine options $-$$$, financing options, private insurance)

2. Non-refundable Program Fee of $275.00 for CPAP flow generator.

3. Have a complete a Level I (sleep lab) or Level III (home) study in Saskatchewan that has been reviewed by a Sleep Specialist with privileges at a Saskatchewan Sleep Disorder Centre.

Prairie Oxygen uses only Sleep Specialists to interpret our Level III in-home testing, ensuring that our testing and protocols are accepted for eligibility for a SAIL (government funded unit) when criteria are met.

4. Be diagnosed with symptomatic mild sleep apnea in a high –risk occupation (requisitioning limited to Saskatchewan Sleep Specialists only).

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