Not all home oxygen providers are created equal. Choose the best: 100% local, 110% reliable, Prairie Oxygen.

We Answer Your Calls Locally

When you call us, you get a knowledgeable professional near you.

Quick Response

We will get you started on oxygen the day you come home from the hospital or as soon as it is convenient for you.

High Standard of Care

Respiratory Therapists, Nurses and Sleep Technicians on staff. Our services are certified by Accreditation Canada with while earned exemplary status.

We Fit Your Needs And Budget

We offer quiet, lightweight systems and recommend the best option for your quality of life.

How do you get approved for funding?

You could be approved for funding if you meet the SAIL Home Oxygen Qualification Criteria:

Continuous Program

Room Air Arterial Blood Gas

Pa02 ≤ 55mmHg

Pa02 ≤ 59mmHg with Cor Pulmonale or Polycythemia

Pulse Oximetry Strips

Room Air SpO2 ≤ 87% for 2 continuous minutes

Subsequent test on oxygen to show improvement is necessary

SP ≤ 90% with Cor Pulmonale or Polycythemia


Exertional Saturation on Room Air

1st – SpO2 ≤ 87% for 20 continuous seconds

2nd – Subsequent test on oxygen must show:

1. An improvement in oxygenation

2. Patient must be able to walk 20% further on O2

3. Exertional Oxygen patients must not have been hospitalized in 30 days prior to testing


1st – SpO2 ≤ 87% for 30% of the Night Test

2nd – Night Test with Oxygen Use to show improvement

We Check In With You

We will reassess your oxygen therapy needs and services on a regular basis.

24-Hour Emergency Service

24 hour coverage is for oxygen equipment emergencies and new oxygen referrals only.

You will talk directly with a Prairie Oxygen staff member that will be able to assist you.

For any non-urgent matters, please contact us Monday – Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.